Monday, December 22, 2008

We thought that we would try out this blog thing--I guess we'll see how it goes! I'm not very good at keeping things up to date, but with out friends and family so spread out anymore, hopefully we can keep in touch a little better and let everyone know how everything is going! I'll update everyone on everything I guess! The girls are growing up so fast, we can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday we were having Andee, and now she's almost 5! She has such a cute little personality! She is in Pre-school now, makes her mom feel old, and she just loves it! She gets mad on the days that she doesn't have school, so Christmas break should be interesting! Katie is still mommy's little girl! She has been on a kick lately where she likes to wake us up at 2 in the morning by climbing into bed with us. I'm not sure if it's still being a new house or what the story is, but mom and dad need to get some sleep! :) We are so blessed to have our two girls, I couldn't ask for any better kids. They are so good to help mom and dad, and they play together so well! They are each others best friend! However, when we ask Andee what she wants for Christmas she keeps saying a little brother cuz she's sick of her sister! She'll have to keep dreaming I guess!
Gabe is working for the City and he loves it. Coal mining wasn't his thing, and I'm so glad that he's not underground anymore, not so sure that I could handle that thought anymore! It's been 3 years since he got out of the Army, even though it doesn't seem like that long! There are some days that we miss it, others that we are glad to be home! We would really like to go back to our other home (Tennessee) and see everyone again,though! We are planning to this summer, I just hope that it works out that way!
I am working in Accounts Receivable/Payable and I love it! I couldn't ask for a better job or a better boss, it really is a blessing! I am hoping to go back to school and finish up my Accounting degree in the Fall next year, we will just have to see what the new year brings us!
I guess that that's about it, if you have any questions, just ask us! I'm not really sure what to write on this thing....if you have any pointers let me know!