Friday, January 2, 2009

Katie was riding Poppy like he was a horse at Grandma Erickson's and Chico kept trying to jump on! It was so cute!!
Andee decided that she wanted a piggyback ride to! She almost fell, but it was so funny to see them attacking Poppy! They wore him out pretty good!

Katie was even ready for a nap after opening all her presents so she sat in her new chair and got comfy! They were having such a blast!

Katie was too busy opening up everyone's things to show me what she was getting, but Andee was proud to display everything! She sure does love the camera!

Here they are playing in their new playhouse!


  1. This is Wendy (Dickey) Cassidy - it looks like you guys had a Great Christmas. Your kids are so freakin' cute!!! My husband and I haven't had any kids yet... I'm not ready to grow up yet :) anyway, I was reading your blog and my biggest tip for blogging would be--- LOTS OF PICTURES!! lol I love looking at pictures:) I also have a blog--- - Take care and tell your hubby hello for me :)

  2. Where are the pictures of Erin? And you kids look so cute